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Growing Opposition to Corporate Practices a Warning for Silicon Valley Execs

It is pointless to point out that Silicon Valley has become a vital influencer in the business world. However, the social impact of the rapid pace of technological progression adopted in the way Silicon Valley operates has gone largely unnoticed. The recent departure of Uber founder Travis Kalanick from the company, following sustained pressure from multiple shareholders, could thus signal a paradigm change in the way the tech industry is likely to interact with the rest of the world in the coming years. Shareholders taking proactive action aimed at repairing the company’s culture by making changes at the top tier of management is considered the rarest of rare events in Silicon Valley, and sheds light on not just the severity of Kalanick’s actions but also the increasing social pressure the sector is now facing as a consequence of the pace of socioeconomic change it has normalized.

Office Sexism Finally Becoming more than Idle Water Cooler Talk

While sexism has been a long-running problem for Silicon Valley industries, it is only in recent years that cases have come to the light and deterrent action has been taken on the offenders. The dominance of male executives in the corporate sector, reflected in the absence of women in middle management in many companies, has been criticized by many in recent years, though some, like Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, has advised women to proactively “lean” into corporate dealings on their own.

Silicon Valley about to Discover Consequences of Disruption

Apart from corporate culture, a key gripe held against Silicon Valley businesses comes from representatives of the conventional service they replace. Services such as Uber have repeatedly clashed with local public transportation systems in various countries and the attitude of Silicon Valley executives towards government involvement has also been called two-faced by some. Cases such as Kalanick’s exit could serve to remind Silicon Valley executives that while disruption remains extremely lucrative, it’s worth remembering that you still live in the world you have disrupted.

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