Growing Interest in Cooking and Bakery to Fuel Edible Ink & Accessories Market Growth

Edible Ink & Accessories Market

Nowadays, with growing technological innovations there a lot more to see, experience, and learn. People are now shifting from traditional ways of working to more creative and innovation professions and leisure activities. One such change is seen in the way cooking is looked or done. The increasing interest in home-based bakery and small-scale bakery stores that use different variety of products that are innovative and creative. Here the use of edible ink and accessories is done on large scale to make different variety food products. Edible ink is widely used in bakery and confectionary stores that are experiencing high growth across regions due to changing eating habits and rising demand for ready to eat food. North America is considered as one of the major region where the demand for bakery and confectionary decorative market is high that will in turn expand the edible ink & accessories market.

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Innovations to expand demand for Edible Ink and Accessories Market

In 2017, Beer Ripple a U.S. based company launched a beer foam-printing machine with high resolution that is capable of printing images and texts on the beer foam using an especially designed edible ink produced by the company. North America is the main regional market on which company is focusing and is aiming to go international by 2018 with its edible ink and accessories market. In addition, the same year, another company named the Tracepak by The Mitas Corporation has introduced a PolyTrust, which is an edible ultraviolet (UV) visible ink that helps in determining counterfeit new products. As the ink is visible under ultraviolet light, which further helps the retailers to find counterfeit food product using the edible ink and accessories market. Thus, with these innovations in the edible ink and accessories are expected to flourish the edible ink and accessories market globally in the coming years.

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