Laminating Adhesives

Growing Demand for Laminating Adhesives from Various Industries to Boost Market Growth

With the growth in industrialization specifically in the automotive sector and rising manufacturing across the globe, is expected to the demand for laminating adhesives in coming years. Lamination adhesive has it use across various industries such as industrial, agricultural containers, papers & graphics, flexible packaging, automotive, instant photograph, and others. It holds substrates together for lamination life and performs functions, which include increased or decreased gas permeability, flame resistance, optical clarity, electrical insulation and chemical, thermoforming capability, and heat resistance. Globally, rising demand for safety of products has increased the demand for high-end packaging material. Laminating adhesives are used in packaging material of confectionery, snack food, meat, cheese, medical products, agricultural chemicals, etc. Recently, a plastic packaging company based in America named Toray Plastics has expanded its white films portfolio and offers five different Torayfan white pigmented verity of films

What the Major Driving Factors for the Laminating Adhesives?

Growing use in end-users industries and growing demand form rising population are the major factors that are driving the global laminating adhesives market. Globally, the demand for lamination adhesive is seen in Asia Pacific, where India, China, and Malaysia are prominent countries burgeoning the demand for lamination adhesives. The major reason for the growth of this in these countries is increasing demand form the rising population and growing spending on high end products are expected to boost the global lamination adhesive market in the forthcoming years.

Technological upgradation and advancements are projected to create lucrative opportunities for the industry players in the lamination adhesive market. In addition to that, developments such as increasing use of innovative techniques for lamination adhesives and development of bio raw material that are expected to reduce costs and will create new opportunities for the lamination adhesive market.

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