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Google’s AI-based Voice Assistant Set for Leap

Google’s voice-assistant Duplex is set for a leap. From making appointments and booking tables over the phone, the artificial intelligence based voice assistant mimic human voice and may be used in call centers to assist humans with customer queries. As published in the Information, an anonymous insurance company has shown interest in Duplex. The voice assistant has shown capabilities to handle simple and repetitive customer calls before it seeks human help in the event a conversation gets complicated.

The tech giant, however, stated that it is not testing Duplex with any enterprise clients. The focus, at present, is on consumer use case for Duplex technology and it is not being tested for enterprise clients. Howbeit, Duplex is being designed to operate in very specific use cases which includes restaurants reservations, holiday ours, and hair salon booking with a limited number of trusted testers.

Credibility of Technology Questioned by Critics

Earlier in May, Google CEO introduced Duplex at the annual developer conference and demonstrated how the AI-based voice assistant could book a table at a restaurant or make an appointment at a salon. In the demonstration, the Google Assistant sounded like a human. Duplex used the tech giant’s DeepMind novel WaveNet’ audio-generation technique and other advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to reproduce human speech patterns.

Nonetheless, the morality of the technology has been questioned by tech critics who pointed out that it was developed without regulation. Akin to this, Microsoft has showcased a similar technology that was being tested in China. Divulging details, the Microsoft supreme revealed that the company’s Xiaoice social chat bot has 500 friends.

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