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Google Updates Location tracking Information on Help Page

Internet giant Google which was in news a short while back for location tracking of smartphone device users even when they had turned off the location settings, has now revised the help page that did not provide a very accurate picture of how its “Location History” settings works. Google has clarified that it can still track the location of people in spite of their turning off the setting history.

Associated Press had earlier said that many Google apps and websites store the location of the user despite their having logged out of the Location History.

To clarify things, the help page of Google now states that the setting does not impact other location tracking services in one’s device. Further, it adds that certain data on location can actually be saved as activity on other services, namely Maps and Search. Earlier, the help page of Google states that turning off the location history will allow users to not store information on the places they visit.

As per Associated Press, Google updated the information on its help page on Thursday after the report by it. A statement by Google on Thursday said that they have been changing the explanation on Location tracking History so that it is clear and consistent all across the platforms and help centers.

Many however feel that the change in wording, though a welcome move, does not help to solve the basic confusion generated by Google by capturing information on location in various apps.

Rohit Bhisey
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