Google Launches Super Secure Titan Security Key

Security Key

Google has launched brand new security solution of its own that assures its users that it can help to be safe from malware. The company’s very own Titan Security Key is expected to keep you safe online by functioning through its most effective two factor authentication (2FA). The product comes in Bluetooth version and USB.

It is available to Google Cloud customers now and soon public can purchase it on Google’s online store.

Jennifer Lin, director of product management, Google cloud, said that they have been advocating the usage of security key for their high value users and even cloud admins against credential theft since a long time now because of its strong, phishing resistant authentication factors for protection against potential damaging consequences.

The Titan Security Key provides assurance from Google to safeguard its customers from theft and protects the account. These keys are already supported by Google’s chrome browser, with websites such as Github, Dropbox, and Facebook onboard.

However, other browsers have not yet provide this support by default. This launch came few days after Google itself revealed that usage of physical security keys will eliminate phishing attacks essentially.

The keys align with Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), which is a form of authentication that once approved will not need a password to log in into any website or account. The key however connects directly to the specific employee’s working machine. They employee has to then tap a button on the key to log in.

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