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Glass could be Made from Exploding Stars, finds Research

A research recently conducted by scientists at NASA showed that glass materials could be a resultant of an explosion of ancient stars. The research has come in a time when discoveries relating to heavenly or celestial bodies have become an area of immense interest for the masses. The team of researchers deployed the infamous Spitzer Space Telescope by NASA to find that the supernovae of two distinct stars contained silica in a certain concentration. Since silica is an important component of glass, the scientists could easily deduce the metamorphosis of glass from celestial stars. The process involved the study of silica fingerprint and particular wavelengths as the clusters emitted light.

Importance of Supernovae

A supernova is a resultant of the burning of a star’s fuel to cause a mammoth collapse that in turn gives huge proportions of elements such as calcium and sulphur. Before beginning the research, the scientists knew that the concentration of silica in the earth’s crust was about 60%, and is also present in sand in the form of quartz. Apart from this, silica is an important industrial component that is used for a variety of production activities.

Future Research

A number of experiments to study supernovae have been conducted over the past, and have given key results to the researchers. A supernova was found to contain traces of lithium in 2016, and this inference had added the studies with regards to ancient stars. The current research is also projected to bring about significant advancements in the domain of celestial studies.

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