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Get Rewards for Healthy Behavior from Attain, A New Healthcare App

Apple and Aetna are all set to launch a new healthcare app in the spring of this year. Unlike other health monitoring app, Attain, as the app is called rewards its users for healthy behavior. And the rewards can be as good as free Apple Watch.  Regular exercise and more hours of sleep are the primary parameters based on which rewards are calculated. Further, it nudges Aetna members for medication or annual flu short who sign up for the add-on service.

The best part of using Attain is that it does not go with the concept of one size fits all. It is personalized for the user. This means it will have different goals and targets for different users.

Attraction of Reward for Healthy Behavior Prompts Users towards Fitness

Individuals who enroll and do not have an apple watch will get a series of three devices from Aetna. They can also choose pay from their pocket to upgrade to the newest series 4. Further, they can earn back the price of device by meeting their fitness goals in 24 months. Or they can use the rewards point as a corporate gift card. On the flipside, users who stop to participate in the program need to pay a portion of the apple watch as penalty.

Healthcare A Key Area of Future Growth

Apple finds high market potential in the healthcare industry. To capitalize on this, the company has several initiatives underway, in the areas of software, biomedical sensor and so on. At present, Aetna serves millions of people through its personalized wellness program. Attain will be a huge initiative which will help users of both the companies.

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