German Students Steal Show in SpaceX’s Hyperloop Competition


The futuristic hyperloop is set to disrupt the travel sector big time. Billions are being poured to test the futuristic mode of transport that would carry passengers in pods at super-high speeds inside a sealed semi-vacuum tunnel with little friction. So far, different companies involved in testing and commercializing the hyperloop have attained various maximum speeds.

In a recent competition on the hyperloop, a team of engineering students from Technical University of Munich achieved a record speed of the pod of 290mph on a test track of 1.2km. It was the third win in a row for them.

The competition was organized by Elon Musk’s SpaceX Company. The aim of the competition was to further improve the technologies that could support the new transport system. It drew students from universities across the world in California; they showcased the USPs of their prototype pods in the competition.

Pod Speed Attained by Munich Team far Outpaces that of Rivals

The Munich team, called Warr Hyperloop, far surpassed speeds achieved by the capsules of its rival teams. It was trailed by Delft University that attained speeds of 88mph and EPF Loop (Switzerland) which accomplished speeds of 55mph. Not just that, the Munich team also beat its own record speed of 240mph which it attained in the competition in September 2017 organized by SpaceX’s rival company Virgin Hyperloop being promoted by international business magnate Richard Branson.

Hyperloop, which was once considered stuff of science fiction, now seems too big to fail with international business tycoons of the like of Elon Musk and Richard Branson throwing their weight behind it. As per Elon Musk’s 57-page whitepaper on it in 2013, it could reach record speeds of 700 mph. Notwithstanding the huge cost of transforming it into a reality as pointed out by critics, his company SpaceX has been conducting a series of competitions to develop the concept.

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