Flying Trains to Be the Next Big Thing in the Transportation Industry

Flying Trains

The technological evolution has crossed it border and is expanding the efficiency of transportation.  The new era will be able to experience the journey in flying trains. Recently, a French entrepreneur connected engineers with various industrial groups such as Boeing Co. and others. Wherein Boeing is the main customer for the reason, they want to decrease the dependency on on Renault SA and Airbus SE in Europe.

The Akka technologies has created flagship aircraft design named ‘Link & Fly’. This technology has wings that come off during urgent turnover at airports and further it makes boarding easy and closer to passengers homes. The chief executive officer of Akka’s technologies Maurice Ricci said that the next disruption would come after autonomous and electric cars will be seen in airplanes.  The use of this technology will make the travel from home to airport a lot easier. The pickup will be from the nearby station to the airport in a train-like tube and wings will be attached just before the take-off.

The recent technology used for disrupting the transport industry have gained lot of attention from plane makers. This happened mainly after Uber’s investments in flying taxis to Kitty-Hawk. Kitty-Hawk is a startup supported by Larry Page Google’s co-founder and the startup creates single person battery powered plane.  However, Akka could not convince plane makers entirely of the aircraft design but is betting on its design, which will be used in commercial aircrafts and Flying Trains within some time.  China is experiencing great opportunities for new business. Comac, a Chinese plane builder company is concentrating in developing its own fleet and can get technology partners from European aeronautics ecosystem.

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