Floating Offshore Wind to Receive US Funds for Extensive Research

Floating Offshore Wind

The US Department of Energy has promulgated that more than US$20 m in funding for Research and Development which is backed up by the Office of Technology Transitions Technology Commercialization funds. The fund is said to include two floating offshore wind projects.

A hefty amount of US$500,000 to be received by National Renewable Energy Laboratory for displaying the modelling capability which is likely to design the next generation of floating offshore wind turbines. The project is currently taking place in connection with Stiesdal LLC.

Apart from this there is an initial talk that there will be a second project which is likely to see an innovation. This innovative floating offshore wind system which is unidentified is likely to receive a massive fund of US$150000 in order to test it.

Funds from various sectors are likely to help the project succeed with flying colors as well it stands upon its aim and helps in grabbing as much as public attention. Funds from public sector is likely to help the project to return promising commercial energy technology, thus strengthening partnerships between Private sector and Department of Energy’s national labs.

Rick Perry, the US Secretary of Energy mentioned that the department of energy is considered as one of the major supporters of technology transfer which is present inside the federal government. According to him by combining the sharp minded innovators which are present in the national labs with the private sector entrepreneurs is likely to bring down the barrier present in the Department of Energy. This is going to help them find connection between opportunity and ingenuity.

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