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FedEx Develops New Bot for Same-Day Delivery Services

FedEx has made a mark in the field of product delivery over the past years. Besides, the company is continually testing its waters to expand its service base. Recently, the company entered the business of autonomous delivery with its newly designed service. ‘FedEx SameDay Bot’ is the name given to the company’s same-day, automated delivery services. The company aims to collaborate with several retail entities including Lowe’s, Target, AutoZone, Pizza Hut, Walmart, and Walgreens. These collaborations are aimed at meeting the delivery requirements of the customers in hyper-local markets. In this way, the company can test and implement the Bot that they have developed. The area targeted by the company is small, yet significant. It has been estimated by FedEx that over 60% of target customers live in a 3 mi range of a store.

Logistical Needs for Same-Day Delivery

The expectations of the customers from delivery channels have been increasing in recent times. Hence, the new Bot is meant to sync with the propensities of local customers. Moreover, it shall help retailers in positioning themselves as efficient and customer-centric entities. Same-day deliver has so far been expensive and logistically impeding. The Bot shall help in reducing the prices and alleviating the complexities of local same-day delivery services. The Bot shall complement the offerings of FedEx’s vehicles that already offer same-day delivery services in 1900 cities.

Assistance from DEKA 

FedEx’s same-day delivery project is being assisted by DEKA Development & Research Corp. The founder of DEKA Group, Dean Kamen has been actively offering support to FedEx. It is expected that this dynamic shall hugely aid the growth of the delivery giant. DEKA’s previously developed iBot was hailed as a dexterous mobility device for disabled people. Hence, DEKA is the right entity to help FedEx with its delivery operations via Bot. Several unique features are a part of FedEx’s new Bot including a battery system with zero-emission. Machine learning algorithms are also configured in the Bot developed by FedEx.

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