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Facebook Messenger Suffers Temporary Outage

The digital world has become increasingly reliant on messaging apps and even minor delays in the delivery of messages could cause a havoc around the world. A similar incident is believed to have transpired on Facebook messenger on the intervening night of 19th and 20st of November, finds DownDetector.com which is a portal that tracks and diagnoses errors in the global digital arena. The outage in the messenger app continued for a few hours before the technical team fixed the errors. Thousands of people are believed to have been affected by the outage that resulted in delays in messaging, login, and connection to the server. Facebook is still in the process of analysing the outage and hasn’t revealed a reason behind it.

About the Outage

A report by Forbes asserts that Facebook Messenger has been a reliable messaging app and has started showing defaults like these only recently. The report further revealed that the app had undergone four outages in a single month, i.e., September. Facebook had recently introduced a new feature to its messenger app through which the users could delete sent messages within 10 minutes of sending time. The co-viewing of videos through a “Watch Video Together” feature is also under scrutiny and testing at Facebook.

The integrity of the social media giant is largely at stake with multiple events of outages over the past few months. The digital circles expected Facebook to extend a reason behind the technical glitches that have surrounded their app over the past few months.

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