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Facebook Messenger gets Whatsapp’s Feature on its App

The use of Facebook messenger has been rising since its introduction, and several new users of the app crop up each day. Facebook also offers several value-added features such as video calling and image-sharing which has further enhanced the credibility and utility of the app for users. The constant use of Facebook by the masses has trickled down in the form of growing popularity of the messenger app. Recently, Facebook has also launched a key feature of “Whatsapp” on its messenger app that would enable users to ‘unsend’ a message. The company has already rolled out this feature on android and iOS, and is in the process of popularising the feature amongst the masses.

Phased Roll-Out

Facebook is projected to receive great applaud from the users due to the introduction of this feature because a lot of users feel the need to delete or ‘unsend’ messages that have been delivered to the receivers. However, the new feature on Facebook messenger would only be introduced in a select-few countries in the initial phase; some of these countries are Bolivia, Poland, Colombia, Lithuania. The removal mechanism for these messages is also similar to that of Whatsapp wherein the users just have to long-press the message and select the option “Remove for Everyone”.

Integration of Messaging Apps

A number of messaging apps have been battling it out against each other in the quest for supremacy in user satisfaction. It is expected that the new feature on Facebook messenger would also create ripples amongst other messaging apps over the coming months.

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