EXFO Collaborates with China Mobile to Construct Network for IoT


China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC) along with the support of EXFO Inc.’s test solution has successfully completed a performance verification test for the principal networks from 4 key vendors. The performance verification test confirms if the NFV-based networks can independently support narrowband IoT devices 5 million in number.

Since the ratification of narrowband IoT in June 2016, the efforts of communication service providers involves rolling out the service in their network. Communication service providers are revamping their network by incorporating additional features for the tremendous capacity needed to handle millions of Internet of Things devices. All in all, handling Internet of Things traffic is inherently different from traditional mobile broadband. The validation of equipment and network is crucial so as to ensure the quality of experience expected by end users is delivered while avoiding expensive post-deployment faults.

EXFO Inc.’s Test Solution Solely Met Complete Test Requirements

EXFO’s test solution was the only one that comprised the complete test requirements and was preferred for three reasons;

  • firstly, powerful performance – this involves capacity to simulate a very large number of IoT devices on one single server, thereby maintaining simplicity of network configuration
  • secondly, unique flexibility – this involves capability to adapt to specifications and requirements that are evolving at a rapid pace
  • lastly, extensive test coverage – the capability to cover network from end to end, which includes focus on individual nodes

However, communication service providers need to verify that new IoT equipment incorporated in the network is compatible with existing nodes prior to going live. EXFO Inc.’s local presence helped to deliver quick turnaround times to serve CMCC’s specific requirements. EXFO Inc.’s unmatched flexibility gives it an edge in the current telecom landscape which is transforming at a rapid pace.

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