Enterprise System Management Market – Increasing Adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) Technology In Organizations


Enterprise management system, also known as Enterprise Systems (ES), is an application software bundle that addresses different software requirements of enterprises. Enterprise systems support information flow, data analytics, business processes, and reporting activities. Document management system (DMS), security management system (SMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and communication management system (CMS) are some of the components of enterprise management system. Large, complex, and geographically-dispersed IT infrastructure is managed with the assistance of enterprise systems solutions.

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Enterprise system management helps large and small scale organizations manage and improve workflow. This is driving the demand for enterprise systems. The use of enterprise system management enhances the capabilities of enterprises to manage data systematically. Enterprise system management also information creation, capture, distribution, and consumption.

Management and administrative activities of an organization have become more efficient and timeless due to use of enterprise system management. Enterprise system management is economical than traditional infrastructure used in companies. Business management functions and real-time access to data across various regions are used for growth in economies. Collective business supervision and integrated management of finances is provided by Enterprise system management. Lack of skilled workforce, high maintenance cost, and high cost of integration & implementation of enterprise system management software are some of the factors hampering the enterprise system management market.

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Blockchain technology keeps record of data exchanges and also it uses distributed systems to verify each transactions, blockchain technology would create opportunities for the market, as it is expected to play a key role in enterprise system management in the near future. In April 2018, Samsung, an electronics manufacturing company, announced that it was considering adopting the blockchain technology to lower supply chain costs. Further, increasing adoption of internet of Things (IoT) technology in organizations would also drive the enterprise system management market in coming years.

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