Lens less Camera

Engineers Design Computerized Lens less Camera that Make Use of Ordinary Window as Lens

A team of computer and electrical engineers from the University of Utah have recently discovered a new way to create an optics-less camera in which any see-through window or a regular pane of glass can become the lens. With this discovery, it is expected that in the future, the car windshield can become a huge camera sending object on the road. In addition to this, each window in the home can also be turned into a security camera. This innovation has been given at length in a research paper, ‘Computational Imaging Enables a See-Through Lens less Camera in the newest issue of Optics Express.

Rajesh Menon, the electrical and computer engineering associate professor from the University of Utah stated that all the cameras were developed keeping the idea that humans decipher and look at the pictures. However, if someone asked, then a Lens less camera can be developed, which will be able to interpret by a computer that is running an algorithm. He further adds that he is thinking from a philosophical point, that cameras can be developed and designed that are optimized for machines and not for humans.

If a normal camera sensor, including one SLR camera or for a mobile phone is pointed at a particular object without using a lens then it results in an image, which will look at a pixelated blob. However, within that blob, it is still enough digital information for detection of the object if a computer program is efficiently trained to identify it. One can also create an algorithm in order to decode the image.

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