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Electronic Stickers to Manage Burgeoning IoT Applications

With the unprecedented proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT), the underpinning technology that makes it possible to communicate and sense, needs to be scaled up. A group of scientists from the University of Virginia and Purdue University have come up with a new method of fabrication in which thin-film and tiny electronic circuits can be peeled from the surface. This method not just enables to do away with the cumbersome manufacturing steps but also the costs associated with them. It also enables an object to unravel its environment and be monitored through the use of Electronic Stickers.

Electronic Stickers Made from Silicon Wafers Can Enable Wireless Communication

Electronic Stickers can bring about wireless communications too in the course of time. In this manner the stickers could be customized so that they can easily be stuck to drones meant to be sent to areas that spell danger. Those could include areas where there is a major gas leak.

The electronic circuits that we see today are built separately on their silicon “wafer,” which forms a rigid and flat substrate. This wafer made from silicon is then capable of withstanding high temperatures and chemical etching. The two are leveraged to remove the circuits from the wafer.

With the help of the new fabrication technique developed by the group of researchers which is known as “transfer printing” cost of manufacturing can come down since it needs just a single wafer for creating numerous thin films holding electronic circuits. The silicon wafer can be peeled off at room temperature without needing high temperature for the same.

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