Drilling Jumbo Market: rise in the number of domestic infrastructure projects, the growth potential of the market across the globe are key creating opportunity


The mechanism of drilling has been developed through various means. The mechanical method includes percussion, rotary, and rotary-percussion. The thermal method consists of flame, plasma, hot fluid, freezing, and hydraulic method, which includes sonic method and laser ray method. However, the mechanical drilling process is always the most convenient and economic approach and is widely used in the mining, engineering, and construction industries.

A drilling jumbo is primarily composed of a rock drill, a drill arm that includes a support and propelling mechanism, travel system, frame, and other required accessories. The product features a self-propelling function that allows it to perform multiple rock drills simultaneously. It is mainly used in the tunneling operation for performing drilling, blasting, and for mining exploration. Drilling jumbos are commonly used in underground mining and construction where mining requires drilling and blasting. They are also used in tunneling where the solidity of rocks prevents the use of tunneling equipment.

A drilling jumbo comprises of one, two, or three drill carriages. It includes a platform, which is used to stand on while loading any area with explosives in order to clear its surface for further drill. The carriages are fastened onto the chassis, which supports the engine and the cabin. Modern drilling jumbos are comparatively large, are usually fitted with rubber tires, and are powered by diesel. There are a few drilling jumbo variants with steel wheels that are used to ride on rails and are single carriage and sled mounted. However, smaller versions of drill jumbos are often used in small or confined sites. Electricity is also very common in the usage of drilling jumbo. Electricity and compressed air produces no exhaust gases, which makes it preferable for use in smaller tunnels where adequate ventilation is not available.

The expansion of the drilling jumbo market is primarily driven by the need for effective machinery due to a rise in the number of infrastructure projects. Hence, flexibility and transportability on construction sites are essential in the development of jumbos. Most current models of drilling jumbos are fitted with crawler tracks or rubber tires.

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Drilling Jumbo Market – Segmentation

The global drilling jumbo market can be segmented based on product, application, and geography. In terms of product, the drilling jumbo market can be divided into single boom, two boom, and multi boom. Based on application, the drilling jumbo market can be classified into mining, railway construction, road construction, and others. In terms of geography, the market can be categorized into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.

Drilling Jumbo Market – Drivers and Restraints

The drilling jumbo market is primarily controlled by major market players. However, a rise in the number of domestic infrastructure projects, the growth potential of the market across the globe, and significant use of drill and blast as a major excavation approach has led to the entry of new manufacturers of drilling jumbos in many countries. Many Chinese manufacturers are now producing a vast range of drilling jumbos of wide variety and improved quality.

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The global drilling jumbo market is highly competitive due to the presence of a large number of regional and international manufacturers worldwide. Drilling Jumbo manufacturers are increasingly focusing on innovative solutions with advanced efficiency and features in order to restrict the risk factors and enable faster and effective operations.

Drilling Jumbo Market – Key Players

Key players operating in the drilling jumbo market include RDH Mining Equipment, Sandvik Mining & Construction, J.H. Fletcher & Co., Mine Master, XCMG, Siton, Dhms, Atlas Copco, Furukawa Co., Ltd., Lake Shore Systems?Inc, Kaishan, Komatsu Mining Corp., Eastsun, and Hengzhi.

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