Interplanetary Internet

Disruption Tolerant Networking to Focus on Demonstrating Interplanetary Internet

The Operations and Science Mission Directorates and the Human Exploration of NASA are collaborating in order to make an Interplanetary Internet a reality. They are now about to demonstrate disruption and delay tolerant networking, which is a technology that sends the information much the same way as the conventional Internet does. The information is put into the DTN bundles that are sent through the ground and space networks to its destinations.

Furthermore, the Science Mission Directorate is looking forward on incorporating the DTN into the future missions and has identified the Aerosol, Plankton, ocean Ecosystem, Cloud, or Pace, mission as the first major opportunity in order to demonstrate the revolutionary capability. Interplanetary Internet technology is expected to demonstrate proved out the capability of DTN as the part of the Deep Impact, which is named as EPOXI mission. Currently, the PACE is expected to take an important step by making use of DTN as a part of the daily operations. Here, DTN represents a shift in how the data will be delivered in the future. The team of researchers are delighted that PACE is expected to become the first science mission to employ the DTN

PACE is targeted to launch in the early 2020 and it is expected to advance the ability of scientists in order to access the health of the Earth’s ocean by measuring the distribution of phytoplankton, algae and tiny plants that will help in sustaining the marine food web. It will further projected to continue with systematic records of the key atmospheric variables that are associated with the climate of the Earth and the quality of air.

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