Discovery of Human Skeletal Stem Cells: Scientists Believe This to Help New Bone and Cartilage

Human Skeletal Stem Cells

A team of scientists from Stanford University School of Medicine after their decade long research has finally identified the human skeletal stem cells. This discovery is known to have helped scientists to generate a family tree of stem cells which can be used to development and maintenance of human skeleton. This discovery can also have its way in treating regenerating bone and cartilage in people.

Michael Longaker, who is a MD and professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery said that on day to day basis adults and children require cartilage stromal tissue and normal bone. According to him there are almost 75 million Americans who are diagnosed with arthritis. With excitement, Longaker mentioned that with this discovery we can turn fat cells from liposuction into stem cells. If injected into the joints, this could help in making new cartilage. The discovery also finds its avenue in old people, as it can help in stimulating the formation of new bone which can repair fractures. A paper will be published explaining the new finding and is expected to be put online on September 20 in Cell.

The team of researchers exhibited that the human skeletal stem cells that they identified is capable of making cartilage, stroma progenitors. It also has the ability of self-renewing and making bone. It is expected that by understanding the differences and similarities between human and mouse skeletal stem cell, one can understand the mysteries regarding the skeletal formation that differentiates mouse skeletons with humans.

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