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Digital Hospital: The Next Generation Advanced Healthcare System

Digital platforms have improved customer experience in several industries, however, in healthcare digitization patient journeys is lagging behind until now.

Medbelle, a London and Berlin based startup is working to offer end-to-end digital platform for seamless patient experience. The company has raised US$7 million from Signals Venture Capital. This will help company develop products and utilities to digitize patient journey and provide medical treatments in convenient, consumer-centric and a more modern way. This will enable personalized patient care and a simpler and affordable medical treatments procedure.  

Rapidly Evolving Technologies to Alter Functioning of Hospitals Worldwide

In an interview, de Laporte and Daniel Kolb, key founders of the company stated that they are looking forward to create a world in which patients can navigate their treatment journey digitally and receive right personal care. The company finds that there is a lack of quality and price transparency in the healthcare system.

Medbelle Care Adviser, a healhtcare software can fast track patient journey from the first consultation to billing. It also covers post-operative care and follow-up.

Further, once a patient has registered on the portal or app, every aspect of their treatment journey is only a click away. The patient can also track their journey with their own personal Medbelle Care Adviser. This makes Medbelle healthcare better than tradition healthcare system. Medbelle patients receive a better value and more transparent service.

Clemens Koós, investment manager at Signals Venture Capital looks optimistic about the new development. He feels that this initiative by Medbelle will transform the healthcare system.

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