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Developing Tech Devices Via Nano-Scale Technologies

Development of devices and systems based on the incorporation of nano-particles and nano-scale technologies has been a matter of discussion in the tech circles. To add to this spree of development, a research has found ways of developing systems based on nano-particles such as diagnostic tests and high-end energy devices. The microscopic physical outlay of nano-particles serves several advantages while developing technical devices, systems, and materials. The new research is projected to further facilitate the development of devices based on nano-particles and nano-scale technologies, and this has been the most scintillating result gathered from the research. The unique properties of nano-particles create tremendous scope for the study of these particles in multiple applications, and these particles exhibit peculiar properties majorly due to their small size.

Use of Electrospinning

Engineers who initiated and executed the research portrayed the technique of electrospinning through the use of fuel cells; the latter are responsible for converting various fuels into electric energy. The process of electrospinning ensures that the oxygen suspended in the air comes in contact with the components of the fuel cell, and hence, the conversion of fuels into electric energy is free of combustion. California Institute of Technology and University of Edinburgh hosted researchers for the development of this technology involving electrospinning devices without nozzles.

Deduction of Results

The researchers deduced that the performance of nanofibre fuel cells outdid the performance of conventional parts. It is extremely difficult to manufacture such nanofibre or nanoparticle devices through other techniques, and hence, the research conducted by the researchers is projected to be an important landmark for the domain of technology.

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