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Crashing of a Giant Asteroid Predicted to Wipe Life off Earth

Millions of lives are under threat on Earth because of a giant asteroid is anticipated to shake the planet severely. A vast number of animals would be instantly killed by the force of crashing the asteroid, while scientists have also predicted that many disastrous might follow, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, crop-failure, mass-extinction, as a result of this incident.

According to a new study, to boil away all the oceans of Earth, an astrophysical event needs to be very powerful. Earth is predicted to become inhospitable by the constant heat and cosmic radiation. Researchers have added a new study to discuss about the energy parameter where they have calculated the total energy consumption, emission, and provided detailed information about biggest energetic explosions in outer space.

Earth’s atmosphere will create some new species to survive

To evaporate all the water from Earth, a huge heat wave, which is given off by an explosion of a supernova, is needed. The explosion should be very close to Earth, so that the heat could reach to the planet. There are fewer chance of bursting of gamma rays that can cause to strip Earth’s seas.

Researchers have found new species who can endure the temperature in between -272°C to150°C. This microscopic, water dwelling creature is capable to live in the vacuum of outer space for days and tolerates pressure more than six times at the bottom of the ocean. But they are predicted to not to survive upon prolonged exposure without water. These kind of species would help to search a new species on alien world. Some microorganisms are also discovered that can survive in extreme conditions.

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