Blended Fibers

Cost-Efficient Blended Fibers Boosting both Growth and Demand in Market

The global blended fibers market is expected to drive growth owing to the continuously changing fashion trends and lifestyle. Basically when two or more different varieties of fibers are mixed or blended, to create a new fiber, blended fiber is formed.  Blended fiber market growth is anticipated to be propelled because of socio-economic development in countries like South Korea, China and India. The industry is likely to grow with low-cost production and improved profitability as per foreign direct investment policies.

Branded Apparel Companies Producing Super-Soft Fabrics with Hemps

Manufacturers today are putting more focus on producing apparels made of materials that does not require much farming assistance. Manufacture of cotton requires a lot of water and pesticides for its cultivation and later conversion into clothing material. So, in order to solve this fast-growing problem, manufacturers are trying to substitute the materials for product creation. For instance, one of the leading companies in the production of apparels, prAna is using hemp as its raw material. Hemp is often referred to as a cash crop because the seeds and fiber are incredibly valuable as it grows in very diverse soil and without consuming much time. Not only that, it also requires very little or no water, insecticides or pesticides and the end product is a super-soft fabric.

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Blended fibers are produced for various reasons like for improved appearance, feel and texture for different suitable materials like wool, polyester, viscose, cotton and others. This also enhances the appearance of the fiber material. Not only that, blended fibers are also cost efficient and can also produce interesting cross dyes effects. Lastly, blended fiber is made for improving the weaving, spinning and finishing efficiency of the material or fabric. Blending can be done before or during the spinning in either the opening or blending stage.

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