Copyright Match Tool, a content protector for YouTube Content Creators

Copyright Match Tool

The increasing incidence of copyright and breaches related to ones online content, YouTube a Google’s subsidiaries has recently come up with a new feature known as Copyright Match Tool. This tool is created to help YouTube creators who suffered losses due to unauthorized uploads of their content.  The feature will help in taking down videos that are already uploaded unlawfully or were copied from some other source. A scan will run after a new video is uploaded and will check if any other video is there on YouTube that is same or resembles partially. If the content of the uploading video matches it will appear on the match tab.

Copyright Match Tool is being in existence from almost a year and have been tested since then, thus making it safe and effective to use. In case, while uploading a video, a similar video or a match of that video is found, the uploader will have an option to contact the creator of that video or can request the YouTube to take down the uploaded content.

The feature is introduced keeping the long terms goal that in coming years it will be available for the each and every creators in the YouTube Partner Program. The feature is extremely effective, as it will be used in close usage monitoring. The company said that the feature could be used in coming week for the YouTube creators who have more than one lakh subscribers.

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