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Continual Exposure to Excessive Noise May Cause Heart Diseases

Findings of a research presented at American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2018 revealed that certain areas of the brain are responsible for causing stress as a result of excessive noise. Continual exposure to noise causes stress response in the body which can often lead to inflammation in the blood vessels, and this can in turn result in heart diseases or strokes. It was found by the researchers that people who worked or lived around areas of high-noise exposure such as highways and airports were at a greater risk of suffering heat diseases, cardiovascular disorders, or strokes. Furthermore, even when other factors contributing to cardiovascular diseases are absent from the lives of such people, the exposure to noise keeps them at a higher risk than others.

Connection between Noise and Heart Diseases

The interconnection between exposure to noise and cardiovascular diseases has been a poorly understand analogue for several decades. This research is projected to bring much better understanding with regards to this connection. Moreover, the biological mechanism behind this interconnection can also be understood through this research, thus, creating ripples across the medical circles. The researchers considered a set of 499 people with average age 56 years, and the results showed that increased noise exposure caused heart diseases.

Future Projections

It is expected that the results of the study would create new opportunities in the domain of cardiovascular diseases and related studies. Furthermore, the medical professionals would also get confidence in evaluating reasons for cardiovascular diseases.

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