In Complaint against Ex-employee, Apple Reveals Details of Self-driving Cars

Self-driving Cars

Details emerged on the work carried out on the technology for self-driving cars by Apple Inc. because of the criminal complaint filed by the company on Monday against its former employee accused of stealing the confidential details. Named Xiaoland Zhang, the ex-employee had booked himself a flight to China after getting hold of the plan for a circuit board.

So far, the Cupertino-based company has abstained from commenting on the technical things pertaining to the official complaint against the accused.

The document reveals that Apple is currently working on sensor fusion that is already outfitted in iPhones for accurate location tracking.

Sensor fusion is also crucial for self-driving. Eran Shir, who is the co-founder of Israeli startup Nexar Inc. revealed his company uses smartphone cameras to thwart collisions.

Little Information So Far on Apple’s Self Driving Cars’ Project

Currently, Apple has a significant number of employees working on the project for self-driving cars because the technique of using a computer to visualize the surroundings is also being utilized in other areas and products.

However, it has provided limited information on its self-driving cars project. So much so it had completely declined to acknowledge about it publicly before shooting off a letter to the U.S. transportation regulators in late 2016 requesting them to not restrict the vehicle testing.

In 2017 again, Apple was granted permission to test autonomous vehicles in California. But apart from filing a requisite government training plan for the Lexus model vehicles that revealed the manner in which drivers could manually control the cars again, Apple so far has provided very little peek into the technology for its working.

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