Coffee Consumption

Coffee Consumption to Help People Live Longer Life

A new research has recently stated that people with high Coffee consumption have a high chance to live a long life. This applies for people who drink coffee as many as eight cups in a single day. In the research study, around a half a million British adults were considered, among which the coffee drinkers were found to have a low risk of death in comparison with the non-coffee drinkers.

The study further states that the longevity boost comes with one more good news for all the coffee lovers regarding the several health benefits that have been discovered by drinking ground, instant, and decaffeinated coffee. This research study is considered as one of its kind to suggest the health benefits in people with the so-called genetic glitches that have been affecting how the human body reacts after the intake of caffeine.

Health experts, around the world have been warning people that they should not start coffee consumption or even increase their intake, particularly for medical reasons. In addition to this, they also say that it is not advisable that pregnant women should not drink coffee as it may be harmful for the baby.

The participants in the research study volunteered to give their blood and further answer the detailed lifestyle and health questions. This helped in understanding the benefits of Consumption of Coffee and extend their life. In addition, the study also stated that the coffee consumption might also reduce the inflammation and enhance how the human body will make use of insulin, which is estimated to decrease the likelihood of developing diabetes.

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