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China to be Leader in Consuming Renewable Energy By 2023

China is fighting with the air pollution for this, the country is exploring other alternatives in order to reduce coal consumption. These initiatives are increasing continuously and expected to make the country world’s largest renewable energy user within the next few years. This information was released by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The report states that China leads the renewable energy and have imposed new policies to decarbonize sectors and lowers the emission of harmful air pollutants. Now, China is the largest consumer of renewable energy by dominating the European Union, by the end of 2023.

According to the IEA report, China is also expected to lead solar photovoltaic energy generation and account for more than 50% to consumer renewable energy sources. China will be a leader for absolute solar PV by accounting 40% of PV capacity in 2023. The US and India will be accounting for the second and third largest share in the overall market.

China faced air pollution which led to thousands of deaths annually. However, from 2013, the country is working for lowering the coal consumption; thus, closing the coal-fired power stations.

Brazil is also one of the countries with higher uptake of renewable energy sources. A report of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) states that Brazil will be accounting for near about 45% of total final energy consumption by end of 2023.

The IEA’s report stated that hydropower and bioenergy as the leading renewable sources in the South American country. Brazil is working to develop and use sugar-based ethanol as fuel. In the country, most of the vehicles are using ethanol and gasoline-ethanol blend.

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