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China International Import Expo have Set Deals of $57.83 billion

A six-day event that is conducted in China, which was being held from 5th November to 10th November 2018 – China International Import Expo welcomed thousands of foreign companies together along with the Chinese buyers so as to demonstrate the importing potential of the second biggest economy across the globe. As the official China Daily, the China International Import Expo witnessed deals that are worth around $57.83 billion. The deals have been agreed for the next ahead.

The deals for high-end equipment and intelligence were set for a total of around $16.46 billion and on the other hand, the deals for home appliances and consumer electronics were around $4.33 billion. These details have been stated by the China Daily on its official Twitter-like site named Weibo. Furthermore, the deals for the automobile sector goods are set for $11.99 billion and the consumer goods and clothing for $3.37 billion.

The sales for agriculture and food products are set for $12.68 billion, according to China Daily. And for medical acre goods and medical devices the sales are set for around $5.76 billion. The event gathers a large number of business communities, government officials, professional purchasers, and exhibitors across the globe.

The China International Import Expo has been specifically designed in order to demonstrate the goodwill amid that is mounting the frictions with the United States and several others. Furthermore, on Monday, Xi Jinping, the Chinese President have given a promise to lower down the tariffs and further broaden the market access. This will help in importing more from the overseas.

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