Changing Preference of Women to Bear Child in Later Stage of Life to Drive Demand in Fertility Monitoring Devices Market


Fertility observing devices assist in monitoring and understanding fertility and ovulation time that helps users increase their chances to avoid pregnancy or to conceive. These devices often analyze the hormonal changes in urine, body temperature along with electrical properties of vaginal fluids and saliva, and sometimes a combination. The fertility monitoring devices provides accurate evaluation of ovulation time in advance and are preferred more as compared to ovulation testing kits.

The demand for this device is rising mainly because of changing people’s mindset for having children at later stage of life; it is one of the major factor for the growth of this market. In the past few decades, the global median age for having the first child has considerably grown.

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Moreover, various other factors such as decreasing fertility rate has led to the rise in usage of contraceptive technologies, growing aspirations to achieve higher education and establishing in a set career, and urbanization have also grown the demand for fertility monitor devices.

Decreasing Fertility in Men to Play a Significant Role in Fertility Monitoring Devices Market

Other trends that are prevalent in the market asserting in the growth of fertility monitoring devices are increasing incidence of prostate cancer. Men suffer with this type of cancer in which they have to remove the prostate gland that drop fertility in men and impaired sexual function. This factor led in growth of fertility monitoring devices thus; in turn drive the market growth.

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Various players existing the fertility monitoring devices market are also making efforts in providing better products that will help analyzing and monitoring fertility. Several players in the market are Fairhaven Health (OvaCue), SPD Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH, YONO LABS, KINDARA, INC., and Geratherm Medical AG that are operating in the global fertility monitoring devices market.

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