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WhatsApp Launches Security Feature to Protect Private Conversation

WhatsApp is about to launch an advance security feature in its software. The new feature protects the personal conversation of its users by adding a security layer on the software. Thereby restricting other people to read your personal messages over WhatsApp. This new security feature will allow users to lock Whatsapp with the TouchID or […]

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Treating Aggressive Forms of Leukemia Using Drug Compounds

Myeloid Leukemia has affected millions of people across the world. There is a dire need to find effective treatment mechanisms for this form of cancer. Researchers have been involved in core research and development activities to find cures for acute myeloid leukemia. The American Cancer Society has estimated that around 10,670  die from the cancer […]

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Malware Friendly Hosting Sites to Avert Attacks

Cyber security has been a major concern for security researchers and analysts. These analysts have been researching ways of safe and secure hosting of malware. This is being done to increase protection of cyber operations across a wide array of industries. Researchers have lately identified an increase in Form Book infections across nascent file-hosting services. […]

Battery-free Implants
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Advancement in Optoelectronics and Battery-free Implants to restore Mobility in Paralyzed

Wi-fi and battery-free implants can revive the motion in paralyzed patients. Scientists have discovered that optigenetics which can help as an indicator to modulate functions of neurons groups in brain. The biological technique can convert signals to electrical potentials that can make up neurons to perform action. The invention can ease the living of the […]