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Digital Hospital: The Next Generation Advanced Healthcare System

Digital platforms have improved customer experience in several industries, however, in healthcare digitization patient journeys is lagging behind until now. Medbelle, a London and Berlin based startup is working to offer end-to-end digital platform for seamless patient experience. The company has raised US$7 million from Signals Venture Capital. This will help company develop products and utilities […]

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Swift Robots could help Preform Warehouse Task Effectively

IAM Robotics, a Pennsylvania based robotics company has developed a unique robot called Swift. It is an autonomous mobile picking robot that can help in picking and dropping of products from a warehouse shelves to another. The robot scan those products, picks them and move to the desire locations.    Advanced Technologies Made Swift Capable […]

Drone-Based Delivery Service
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Tech Giant Alphabet to Launch Drone-Based Delivery Service in Australia

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has made several key additions to its product portfolio over the past decade. The company has reeked of innovation and forward-thinking while developing goodwill across the market. The most recent development from the company has come to light in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. Wing, a sub-division of Alphabet, has […]

Wearable Biosensors
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Healing Wounds through Wearable Biosensors

Biosensors have emerged as an immensely relevant technology for multiple sectors and industries. Apart from their use in the medical industry, biosensors are also an important component of several research processes. Scientists have been looking for ways to optimize the use of biosensors in multiple domains within medicine. A team of researchers in Washington D.C. […]