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Researchers Unveil Dreadds Helps in Monitoring GPCRs

The scientists from Hello Bio has recently disclose various benefits of water soluble ligands and various usage of dreadds in the neurological research activities. The dreadds are the designer receptors which are majorly used to activate through drugs.  The dreadds are synthetic GPCRs which is utilized to deliberate effectiveness to an otherwise physiologically inactive compound.  […]

Graphene Oxide
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Scientists finds Graphene Oxide Coating Makes Ammunition Advanced

The scientists from the leading university and researcher from the U.S. Army developed a new method to procure more energy from the energetic materials which contains aluminum. Common in battle field system, by burring aluminum powder with the graphene oxide. In addition, the discovery is linked with the army renewal priorities that is extensive range […]

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Nanoparticle Defects to Produce Hydrogen without Emission of Carbon Dioxide

Burning hydrogen produces water as a by-product, thus, hydrogen is a clean fuel for the vehicles. Besides, this property of the hydrogen makes it suitable for use as an energy source. However, hydrogen production from fossil fuels emits carbon dioxide on a large level. Recently, the researchers are trying to produce hydrogen by using electricity […]