Administrative Tasks for American Physicians
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Mounting Rise in Administrative Tasks a Reason behind Burnouts among American Physicians?

American Physicians & Doctors are caught between the need to spend time understanding and undertaking a plethora of additional tasks that mandatory digital documentation of every possible task at workplace necessitates and the core responsibility of spending time with patients to understand their needs properly. Studies have found that medical interns are spending around 40% of […]

Neuroblastoma, Course of Therapy in Neuroblastoma
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Advanced Assay to Guide Course of Therapy in Neuroblastoma

In a recent study published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research, researchers in The Saban Research Institute at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) have developed a highly sensitive biomarker assay that will help clinicians detect and quantify the cancer neuroblastoma (NB) and predict its progress under individual therapeutics. The advanced assay is considered as breakthrough, […]