Artificial womb
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Artificial womb development raises hope for premature babies

Researchers have developed an artificial womb that could help premature babies to sustain. Collaborative efforts from researchers of Tohoku University Hospital, Japan, and the Women and Infants Research Foundation, the University of Western Australia, have successfully used artificial womb to in-cubate healthy baby lambs for a short period of a week, and they hope to […]

Tissue Nanotransfection
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Novel Tissue Nanotransfection to Help Replacement of Damaged Organ and Tissues

In a recent study conducted at the Ohio State University, scientists have claimed to have invented a novel microchip technology that will help in replacing damaged or injured organs or tissues and facilitate the healing of wounds and nerves. The technology, considered a breakthrough, is reckoned as Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT) that uses a small microchip […]