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Swedish Energy
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Swedish Energy Firm Releases Proposal on Norfolk Offshore Wind Farm

Developer of the Norfolk Boreas and Norfolk Vanguard offshore wind farms, Vattenfall recently published a number of maps that highlight the declining number of search areas for key electrical infrastructure. Project manager at Vattenfall’s Norfolk Vanguard, Ruari Lean said that communities across Norfolk and a number of environmental specialists have given their feedback and based […]

Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Technology
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Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Technology Improves Battery Life of EVs: Study

As per findings of a study by the University of Warwick, by intelligently using vehicle to grid technology (V2G), one can significantly enhance the battery life of electric vehicles. This study puts an end, to some extent, major criticism targeted toward this technology. Dr. Kotub Uddin, part of the university’s research division’s Energy and Electrical […]

5G, 5G and IOT
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Expanded Training Team at 5G-Courses Brings Vast Expertise to Table

Last week, in 5G World event, held 13-15 June 2017, 5G-Courses.com, a leading provider of training courses in 5G and IoT, announced the expansion of its team of professionals. The revamped program will augment its competencies and help cover every aspect of development, deployment, and delivery of 5G network technologies. The conference held in London […]