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Renewable Power
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Increasing Global Share of Renewable Power in the Energy Mix

Advancements in the renewable power sector have become the order of the day. Several new entities have entered the energy business to launch innovative products and technologies. The efficiency of these technologies has led to their adoption across a plethora of industries. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has released fresh data with regard to […]

Magnetic Field
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Researchers find Sun’s Magnetic Field to be Stronger than Believed

The study of heavenly bodies such as the moon and sun has become immensely popular among scientists. It has helped them in understanding the finer details about the outer space environment. Furthermore, it is important to understand the properties endowed by light emitted from the sun. Researchers have lately found out that the magnetic field […]

Wireless Gas Detectors
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Internet of Things to bring Advancement in Wireless Gas Detectors

Gas detector mainly helps in detecting gas leakages and analyses multiple gases in end-use industries. The rising adoption of internet of things technologies (IoT) is helping wireless gas detectors to gain an edge. It is because IoT technologies help increase interconnectivity among devices. With the help of IoT, manufacturers can install sensors in smartphones via […]

Microbial Fuel Cell
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Microbial Fuel Cell – Converts Your Pee into Source of Clean Energy

Robial, a company from the University of West England is all set to utilize urine and wastewater into the source of energy. These energy can be further used to power home appliances and other devices. Microbial fuel cell consist of the microbes which utilizes carbon compound found in the urine.  Microbial fuel cell consists of […]

Offshore Wind
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Innovation in Artificial Intelligence and Robots to Make Offshore Wind farms Cheaper

The UK Research organizations is capitalizing £26.6M (US$33.9M) to develop robotic applications which includes underwater unit and aerial in order to inspect and maintain offshore wind turbine. This further helps in making work safer and also reduce the overall expense. Moreover, the UK Research and Innovation Chief Professor Sir Mark Walport said that this project will further exhibits […]