In-Car Child Safety App by MG Motor India with IIT-Delhi as Partner

Child Safety App

MG motor India has announced its partnership with IIT-Delhi to develop In-Car Child Safety app and technologies for child safety in cars. Its aim is to develop an application that will help people to track the safety of their children inside their car.

A team of Indian Institute of Technology has been hired to work on a project to develop application for child safety by geofencing and it will be controlled by ECU. The child can be safe inside the car and under surveillance the whole time. In-Car Child Safety app will help in tracking and alerting the whereabouts of children in the MG cars including their entry, seating position, and exist. It will also alert if the driver is driving beyond a pre-defined route. Not only does it track each movement of the child but also the routes and driver’s driving speed. In-Car Child Safety app project will be conceptualized to track child with better mechanism in cars.

Other research and development activities are also being carried out by IIT Delhi engineers for enhanced safety of children.

Rajeev Chaba, President and Managing Director of MG Motor India, said that the company is constantly trying to provide platform to startups, students, and innovators to develop features and technologies which could benefit for its upcoming cars.

Mg Motor India is expected to launch its first car in India by the second quarter of 2019. The company has promoted many startups and students in the country to initiate innovations including ‘MG Innovation Program’ which was launched last year with TiE Delhi.

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