Blockchain is Being Introduced to Genomics and Precision Medicine

A startup called Shivom has created a Unique Global Genome ID, which is designed to allow providers and researchers to easily work with precision data. In this way, the startup aims at giving patients a sense of ownership regarding their genomic information.

More Insights about the Project that Aims to Bring Blockchain to Genomics

Non-interoperability of data silos is a major challenge present in the healthcare sector, wherein useful information such as genomics and other healthcare data can be managed by relevant organizations that have collected it. Such data is usually not processed in any way to generate substantial value. However, when the data is indeed processed, its owner does not retain full ownership or control over how it is used. Nevertheless, Sivom, a recent startup, has realized that blockchain is the answer to this challenge. And the solution could involve putting power back into the hands of the person who owns a particular set of genomic data.

According to Natalie Pankova, the chief scientific officer at Shivom, the company aims to use the capabilities of blockchain technology that can enable individuals to maintain ownership of their own data. The blockchain processes also will enable the person to grant controlled access of the data to others who would depict a high requirement for it. In the simplest sense, a physician or a pharmacist are other people to whom the concerned individuals owning their personal genome data may entrust the information. This is considered wise as such institutions can help treat the data owners, in case the latter catch any disease or ailment.

In future, Shivom hopes that it can become a place for secure data storage and exchange. And as more users join the platform, the company can develop a data marketplace, wherein numerous healthcare services can interconnect with each other. In this way, data can be used through proper permissions, thus bringing forth operational security.

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