Bird’s Electric Scooters are Reaching Tel Aviv and Paris

Electric Scooters

Lime has entered Madrid earlier this week to launch its electric scooters in Spanish capital. Bird, its competitor a week before had laid out its intention to introduce electric scooters in Tel Aviv.

Lime has been operating its scooters and bikes outside U.S. whereas, Bird is expanding itself to international market. Lime not only introduced its bikes and scooters to European countries such as Paris but also teamed up with behemoth Uber and raised $35 mn round.

In Europe, Skip, Lime, Bird, and Spin have together positioned scooter in 33 cities. Even though Lime and Bird are not the only companies but have raised the most capital. Lime has raised $467 mn while Bird has raised $415 mn. These two companies are also the only U.S based companies that have international exposure.

The competitive landscape in U.S. is different. Even though California is the only hot spot for scooters, the company has provided electric vehicles in Texas, North Carolina, Washington D.C., and other states too. These companies have to face issues regarding regulations.

The Municipal Transportation Agency in San Francisco is reviewing applications for permit from 12 electric scooter services such as Razor, Uber, and Lyft. The permit process was the result of Spin, Lime, and Bird positioning their electric scooters in the city without any permission.

The electric scooter companies have to participate in a 24 month pilot program in which it will have to provide user insurance and education, the trip data has to be shared with the city, provide privacy policy to protect user data, operate in only approved area of service, and offer plan that is low income. The city will only allow 2,500 scooters on the streets.

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