Biogen Announces Alzheimer’s Drug Success

In a breakthrough development, Biogen – the pharmaceutical major has announced successful results of clinical trials for a drug for Alzheimer’s. This amounts to a big step as almost every dementia trial prior to this has been unsuccessful. The burden of Alzheimer’s is so much that it can single-handedly bankrupt Medicare in a few decades.

Alzheimer’s drug research has been tormented by years of unrelenting failures, which includes leading companies such as Pfizer who have given up search for new compounds. While clinical trials for cancer drugs have reached 20 percent success rate, clinical trials to search for a drug for Alzheimer’s amounts to 99.6 percent failure rate.

Big Step of Successful Result for Alzheimer’s leads Biogen Stock Soaring

The long history of flawed clinical trials for Alzheimer’s explains why recently reported success for a drug for the most common form of Dementia sent the shares of Biogen and Tokyo-based Eisai soaring. As a result of the clinical trials, the companies reported significant evidence that the drug BAN2401 can slow advancing of the deadly disease. Investors predict that the final drug has 50 percent probability of receiving approval.

However, Biogen associates spoke cautiously of their optimism, and for valid reasons. The beta amyloid protein has long been associated with Alzheimer’s, and thus have been the target of most clinical trials. Due to the relentless failure of clinical trials, some dementia experts have raised questions of pharmaceutical sector’s narrow focus on amyloid. Such concerns have shifted focus on tau protein to some extent. BAN2401 is the maiden anti-amyloid antibody to have reached late-stage and have borne significant results at 18 months.

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