Bioactive Ingredients & Product Market Predicted to Surpass (Revenues/Values) by the End of 2025


Bioactive ingredients are food components which have a biological effect on living tissues. Bioactive ingredients are a type of bio-molecules that are added to food products and ingredients, which helps in metabolic process for improvisation of health. This also plays important role in solving the problem of inadequate intake of nutritional food and inability to maintain balanced diet. Various research findings have established a significant relationship between certain bioactive compounds and their effects against various chronic disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases

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People are starting to understand the types of products used in food and beverages that help maintain proper health and balanced diet due to increased awareness and improved educational facilities. Producers are also strategies and plan for the convenience factor for consumers and providing them important nutrients and proteins in the form of beverages and food instead of supplements. For example, shampoos, mineral enriched creams are making headlines market as they assure better skincare, hair care etc.

For example, several plant phenolic compounds have antioxidant properties; lycopene, which is found in tomatoes and other fruits, exhibits protective effects against prostate cancer. Probiotics, prebiotics, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibers and plant extracts are major bioactive ingredients that are being employed to prepare various food & beverage products for human as well as animal consumption.

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The global bioactive ingredients & product market is estimated to expand due to the rise in health concerns and continued research and development in the field of bioactive ingredients, leading to innovative products. Worldwide aging population is also expected to drive the market, as elderly people are more susceptible to various chronic diseases and hence, are recommended to follow a healthy diet. Rise in incidences of various chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and hypertension is also anticipated to drive the bioactive ingredients & product market, as clinicians usually prescribe bioactive food items to patients suffering from the chronic diseases mentioned above. Rise in cost of treatment, side effects of treatments, and strict regulations for new product approvals by the governing bodies are some of the restrains of the global bioactive ingredients & product market.

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