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Belgium’s DEME Launched Next Generation Installation Vessel at the COSCO Qidong Shipyard

A new installation vessel by DEME group was launched in China on November 21. DEME (Dredging, Environmental and Marine Engineering) group which is based in Belgium, launched the installation vessel, which the group is calling their next generation installation vessel. The group named the vessel Orion and launched it at the COSCO Quidong shipyard last week. The vessel is integrated with dual-fuel engines and also has the ability to run on LNG (Liquified Nature Gas).

To some, this launch is considered as a quantum leap towards manufacturing next generation vessel. The company said that Orin will utilized for constructing one of its kind offshore wind farms. This offshore wind farms will be able to provide service to oil and gas industry. The vessel has the total capacity of 5000 tones and can pull heavy loads. The heavy loads can be pulled to an exceptional height of more than 170 m, claimed the company.

The vessel consists of a wide deck space to cater high load capacity and better transport. It is expected that Orion has the ability to carry heaviest jackets, wind turbine components, and monopoles with only one shipment. It also has the ability to carry as well as install multi-megawatt wind turbines of next generation.

When it comes to environmental concerns, Orion will have a Clean Design notation and Green Passport. Orion is likely to have other environmental innovations.

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