Autonomous Vehicle Industry to Present Opportunities for Technicians


Discussions surrounding autonomous vehicles often induce fears about massive job losses across the trucking community. But according to Sean Behr, the CEO and co-founder of the San Francisco-based start-up Stratim, developments in the field of autonomous vehicles could lead to new opportunities for technicians in the trucking industry.

Behr adds that information and experience of technicians from trucking fleets in the area of maintenance is immensely valuable to people who are dealing with the real-world supply and management of autonomous vehicles and car sharing. The field of autonomous vehicles is, in fact, the natural and most logical place for discussions and collaborations.

Stratim has raised over $36 mn in funding since its inception and undertakes tasks such as alerting and planning for connected vehicles when and where the vehicles require fueling or get maintenance services performed. Presently, the company manages nearly 50 clients and their over 10,000 cars and vans. Clients of the company includes renowned auto-makers such as Ford, BMW, and General Motors.

By the end of this decade, Behr suggests that a societal shift, with people relying more on ride-sharing services than owning vehicles, will be well rooted across the globe and these ride-sharing services will be at least partially autonomous. Whatever the variety of vehicle, the one thing that will remain constant is that these vehicles will require timely maintenance and repairs in emergency situations.

As consumer technology companies get more involved in the overall management of vehicles, the experience of technicians that are now serving mostly gas- or petroleum products-based vehicles will be pivotal in the total maintenance of the futuristic autonomous vehicles.

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