Automated Machine Deteriorating the Hand Hygiene Standards in Hospitals

Hand Hygiene

Hand sanitation must be considered as the most cautions task on every day basis. Hospital being the center of treatment it is also a center of easy commuting of various disease. According to the recent research it has been proven that the hospital staff doesn’t pay enough attention to hand hygiene when they are not being supervised. The report also suggests that the government compliance rates are exaggerated.  The research was conducted in Australia, by University of  New South Wale medical researchers and stated that hand hygiene among the hospital staff has deteriorated when human undertaking compliance monitoring are substituted by machines.

According to the government led program which requires minimum 70% compliance, but now the percentage has fallen from more than 90% and has reached to 30%. The reason for this fall is shift from human auditors to automated surveillance, thus increasing the risk for infection for patients, as stated by the report. The researchers also compared automated and human method of surveillance in an Australian teaching hospital. Hand hygiene dispensers were near bed or sinks recorded by touch, while health workers were directed governed by human auditors.

As per the study, it has been resulted that as soon as the health worker is out of sight that was governed in every 20 minutes of audit was replaced by the automated method continue to monitor compliance, leading to a concerning level of 30% from 94%.  Thus, it states that humans change their behavior when they are not being watched. After these results hand hygiene standards were enforced by Australian National Hand Hygiene Initiative. Efforts are still being made that can minimize the involvement of human auditors and can maximize the scope of technology based solution for auditing.

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