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Graphene Oxide
Featured Science

Scientists finds Graphene Oxide Coating Makes Ammunition Advanced

The scientists from the leading university and researcher from the U.S. Army developed a new method to procure more energy from the energetic materials which contains aluminum. Common in battle field system, by burring aluminum powder with the graphene oxide. In addition, the discovery is linked with the army renewal priorities that is extensive range […]

Business Featured

Walmart Acquires Patent to Eavesdrop on Employees and Customers

Walmart was recently granted a patent for a surveillance system using which the retail brand could capture and analyze the sounds made in its stores. With the proposed sound capturing system, Walmart plans to document and analyze consumer-employee interactions, the rustling of shopping bags, and register beeps. The proposed system will use sound sensors to […]

Business Featured

Cannabis Legalization Voted Canadian Business Story of 2018 by Canadian Press

In an annual poll conducted by the Canadian Press, business editors and reporters across the county named cannabis legalization as the business story of the year. The cannabis legalization story emerged as a clear winner in the contest with over 59% of votes in favor of the move. The recently concluded negotiations between US, Mexico, […]

Energy & Resources Featured

Machine Learning Solutions to Evade Battery Explosion Problem

Nowadays electronic are becoming the essential part of our day-to-day life and without electronic products we cannot even imagine our life. Like from cooking food to laundry machine and electronic cars continue to rule our daily life routine. It is very hard to imagine our life without it.Many of these electronic products are charged with […]

Wearable Device
Featured Technology

Researchers Develop Wearable Device to Monitor UV Exposure

Long exposure to Ultra violet light is considered to be harmful for human body. Underscoring this issue a team of researchers developed the smallest wearable device. This device is designed to measure one’s exposure to ultraviolet light. The device measure light across various wavelength. It starts from ultra violet, continue to visible light and also […]