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Featured Science

Certain E-Cigarettes Chemicals have Adverse Effects on Human Lungs

The use of e-cigarettes has been gathering swing over the past decade. A number of users consider e-cigarettes as a ‘healthy’ alternative to normal cigarettes. However, e-cigarettes also contain certain elements that could affect the lungs. A couple of chemicals used to flavour e-cigarettes could have adverse effects on human lungs. The human airway, known […]

Offshore Wind
Energy & Resources Featured

Innovation in Artificial Intelligence and Robots to Make Offshore Wind farms Cheaper

The UK Research organizations is capitalizing £26.6M (US$33.9M) to develop robotic applications which includes underwater unit and aerial in order to inspect and maintain offshore wind turbine. This further helps in making work safer and also reduce the overall expense. Moreover, the UK Research and Innovation Chief Professor Sir Mark Walport said that this project will further exhibits […]

Battery-free Implants
Featured Technology

Advancement in Optoelectronics and Battery-free Implants to restore Mobility in Paralyzed

Wi-fi and battery-free implants can revive the motion in paralyzed patients. Scientists have discovered that optigenetics which can help as an indicator to modulate functions of neurons groups in brain. The biological technique can convert signals to electrical potentials that can make up neurons to perform action. The invention can ease the living of the […]