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Drone-Based Delivery Service
Featured Technology

Tech Giant Alphabet to Launch Drone-Based Delivery Service in Australia

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has made several key additions to its product portfolio over the past decade. The company has reeked of innovation and forward-thinking while developing goodwill across the market. The most recent development from the company has come to light in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. Wing, a sub-division of Alphabet, has […]

Biological Bandages
Featured Science

Scientists Develop Biological Bandages for Healing Wounds

Wound care is an important domain within the field of healthcare and medicine. Medical scientists are actively engaged in developing effective therapies for healing wounds. Along similar lines, scientists at Bremen University have developed a 3-D protein structure. This protein matrix can help in quicker and more effective healing of wounds. The scientists believe that […]

Mini Cheetah
Featured Science

Mini Cheetah, First Robot to do 360 Degree Backflips and Pull other Feats

Robots are evolving dramatically over the past few decades. The commercial application of human robots has already began. There are many restaurants and manufacturing units who employ human robot. To take the legacy of robots further researchers are working to improve abilities of robots. Researchers at MIT University have developed a robot called mini cheetah. […]